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Creating the Product


In 1972 Earl King started a tradition that has continued for more than 44 years. King's Homemade Ice Cream Shops is a family run business keeping the highest standards of ice cream making.

The ice cream, yogurts, and ices are manufactured in Milton, Delaware, one scrumptious batch at a time. Both locations in Milton and Lewes, delight customers with a multitude of desserts, from cones to shakes to sundaes to half gallons for take home.

On any summer evening, one can travel to either King's and see that it is the hub of the community. Crowds stand in line visiting and waiting for what they know to be the Best Ice Cream on the Eastern Shore.


*Bulk ice cream, yogurts, and ices are available for commercial sale

Making the Cream!

Fresh butterfat milk from a local dairy is poured into two 10 gallon batch freezers. 

Flavorings, fruits, nuts, and candies are added as the butterfat milk begins to freeze. King's uses only the finest quality flavorings, fruits, nuts, and candies.

Ice cream, yogurts, and ices are pulled from the freezers at precisely the right moment to ensure quality and weight is consistent for every batch. The product is then stored for 24 hours in a hardening room before it is served to the customers.



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